25 Days of Christmas Baking

To celebrate the silly season, I have gathered 25 incredible bakers in the community to share how they like to eat ilb croissants. And if we're lucky, maybe they may even attempt to bake their old time fave recipe, sharing their secrets with us. (we say 25 but let's be honest here, were not that consistent)

For day 18 we have something different, a guide on how to proof croissants, again. Yes I know we post these every other month but what can you do

Bake yummy easy to bake butter cupcakes with this recipe straight from Nosh+

The kids from Thank you project Australia have whipped out their grandma's recipe book to show us all their family recipe on choc chip squares

Jason owner of Bite.aus shows everyone how to bake some almond croissants using fresh ILB pastries

Wow look at that hottie, oh wait that's me your favourite editor as I make the best recipe yet, world's easiest most low effort apple crumble :)

The big boss of ILB Sophia Ly makes pink xmas rice bubbles, filled with sugar and marshmallows they are a guaranteed hit with anyone

Leya second favourite child of the Ly family (after me of course) makes simple chocolate cruffle's

Will Stewart winner of my kitchen rules 2015 shows us how he loves his croissants with jam

Who doesn't love some old school chocolate crackles as Milli prepares for the school break up party

Keeping it true to style with Jono's bachelor trifle, can't guarantee it's the best but it is 100% fool proof and definitely bachelor food

Ben and Nicole Meacock show us how to make cinnamon croissants from scratch! What a team! #couplegoals

Our favourite local florist, Matt shows us just the way he likes his croissants.

Love Pudding Queen, Mel Clark is back with ilb and she's showing us how she likes to eat her croissant <3


And he is back! our famous local Agent and Baker... *insert drumroll please*.. Alex Myer! He is about to show us how he likes to eat his ilb croissants! It is as easy as 1, 2, 3 #cleverAlex 

To open the show we have our favourite journalist, and my beloved friend Eugenie Kelly. 

Stay tuned for more videos and laughs the coming days!