About us

Why i.lovebutter?

I’d never owned a business before let alone run a cafe. Pre-covid, Nosh was doing really well. We grew from me and the baker to 15 people in a short time. It made me realise I needed something to fall back on in case Nosh was to close. And that’s how i.lovebutter, a bake at home pastries selection you can order online, was borne.

A Cambodian migrant's sweet taste of success

The resilience Sophia learned growing up in a Thai refugee camp, has helped her bakery survive and thrive. I.lovebuttter NOSH+. Small Business Secrets Sundays at 7 am and 5 pm on SBS.

Take time to embrace your mornings.

i.lovebutter is the start to making breakfasts the new dinner.

 Well, it all started when Nosh Plus (our first takeaway coffee & pastry shop) was born 5 years ago by head-honcho and absolute superstar, Sophia Ly. Previously a dress maker and stay-at-home mum, Sophia built a buzzing local business in the heart of Mosman/Cremorne with a band of loyal customers and now, starting a new venture - i.lovebutter.

“The day should start from the moment you wake up, not when you dress up”. Sophia says.
“Why wait till the end of the day when most of us are tired from the challenges of your daily routine?”
Sophia believes we have a untapped opportunity to reconnect in the morning over a croissant, cinnamon scroll or pain au chocolat, either freshly baked or bake your own with a little help from i.lovebutter.