8 Fun Facts about our Favourite Ingredient Ever… Butter!


Once avoided for fears of making us overweight, butter is now making a vigorous comeback and we promise - it's not as bad as everyone thinks!

Did you know...

  1. Butter been around for 9000 years
  2. There are no trans fat in butter and it also contains vitamin A, E, D and K. Ladies, looking younger is a lot easier than you think!
  3. Butter was very precious to the Norsemen in Ancient days. So much so that butter was  often buried with the dead to take in to their after life
  4. The earliest butter was made from yak, sheep and goats milk - not cows as we know of today!
  5. Butter was once churned by dog on treadmill
  6. Its take 10 litres of milk to make 450 grams of butter
  7. Butter started off as poor people’s food of choice (then the rich caught up as they do!)
  8. Rumour has it that a nomad made the first batch of butter by accident. He tied a bag of milk to his horse and after a day of jostling, came the find of butter solidifying and these days it is just a process of separating the butter from liquid!

Now that you know a little more about butter, HERE is our recipe on how to make butter the old school way! We challenge you to do it and let us know how quickly you make butter!

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Photo by Sorin Gheorghita on Unsplash

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