Date: 2nd March
Location: Noosa Head
This was home..
This was the retirement plan. This was where Caillou and Cataleya were born. This was definitely where I thought I'd be married, and a place where I'd bring up the kids, then their children. I had it all figured out! 🤩
Once a 4 bedroom home on the beach is now just a cubicle studio with a cute balcony overlooking the famous Hasting Street - and that's OK!! This is a yearly reminder of how compact each chapter of life is - even a daily reminder of how fast each moment passes, and that opportunities for success can swap for failure in other areas. It is a life balance juggling act 😳🤣
Where do you see yourself 2 years from now?
Aside from eating bread, looking HOT 🔥 … NOT! 🤣as well as getting fat and SASSY 🤷‍♀️ I certainly hope to be right here, celebrating the 10 years of running this little hole in a wall that has been through multiple name changes along the way. No denial here - us women change our mind on a daily basis 🤣 Who knows what the weather will be like tomorrow? 🤯 
We are now entering 8 years of operation - eight years of triumph, quirks and imperfections. BUT most of all, 8 years of lessons that brought us to where we are today as a team 🥰 It was meant to be 5 years planned but LIFE HAPPENS!! 😳
It started with just Phanin…
The hero of his own journey. Then grew myself and up to 20 staff at one point. From our first shitty cup of coffee to now consistently OK! 🙂 How far we have come is irrelevant at this point. It is how we are here and now that matters! 🥳
TRUE TESTAMENT that hard work trump over passions! Are we passionate about the 4am alarm? NOT necessarily! 🤣 Will we continue to deliver our very best - Hell YAAS! Life has taught me that some passions are meant only for hobbies. And survival heavily relies on teamwork, resilience, patience, and the ability to identify the mistakes made and learn from them 💪 I grasp every opportunity to self educate as this is another window to creativity and growth.

Our current team is all here with one thing in common…
Have a thirst to survive, seek better refuge and obviously achieve the golden dreams 🌟 I recently LEARNT our team's golden dreams are labelled as “blue collar” working class…ouch! 🤣 Technically we are “yellow”, but let's not dive in there yet. 
As members of the “blue collar” working class, I have found out that we are paying more for our income protection insurance - This assumption is based on the fact that we don't have university qualifications and we spend less than 80% of time in the office. WTF Please explain! umm how long is the lineup for “white collar” and “professional” working class? Because I am keen to jump in 🤣
I like to see ourselves as “innovative and creative” workers. We have the capacity to create a life and career with the resources we have access to, without having to take up pre existing ones! Between 5:30am and 2pm this is our home away from home 🫠
Today the kitchen is diverse…
We currently have Thai, Khmer, Russian, Spanish, Nepalese, Indonesian and Australian.
Ironically NO French! And NO Vietnamese! 😳🤣
None of us speaks English with the exception of Amy, Tom, and Filbert 🤣 If you find yourself waiting for more than 10 mins for your B&E roll, it is because we have to translate your order via google before the kitchen staff can process what they are reading 🤣 
🚨We are currently working on flash cards to streamline our efficiency…lol coming soon 😉🚨
In the early days the google translate screen read:
How to….🤷
While these days the translations are:
English to…..Russian 🤪
English to…..Spanish 💃
I am now a premium member of the Duolingo App for Spanish and Russian so we can get shit done in the kitchen 🤣It is all about adapting, patience and persistence! This is always what you can expect from your favourite hole in the wall cafe 🥰
Until next fortnight… 🥰