I Dance To The Beat Of My Own Drum 🥁

The truth is I still do my happy dance every time I get an online order for $16.00 🥳🤩
I still sing and do my joyful scream in the car when I get a random text saying “your croissants are the best!”. I still get goosebumps when I serve someone that made their way into Mosman for the 1st time to try one of my croissants 🥰 I am still humble about how lucky I am to be able to have a job amid all the chaos of staff shortages, Covid, and kids going through HUGE changes with their schools and friends circle 😳 
I got very excited during covid trading, and was very business driven throughout that time. But 2023 is a very different story. Our current status is that we are running on a very thin rope and it only takes one wrong move and we can be wiped out any minute! 😳 And when you say you can’t wait to see what is next… you can stop waiting! 🤣 There is nothing more to this!  My only focus right now is getting kids through 2023 and still hold the title of best mum of the year lol! As well as try not to piss off too many people 🤣
With pastry stores popping up everywhere with fancier names, amazing displays of choices and high end fit outs - at i.lovebutter, we are under enormous pressure to stay focused and not be tempted! Especially when I am not trained in pastry cook or business management - I definitely skipped the Asian gene with being great at numbers 🤪 Everything I have achieved in terms of baking so far it's all thanks to google 🤣 

From my understanding of croissants to learning how to make coffee and registering business names and myob software - all self taught using google… 

If I was to owe any qualification to anyone it would be the people that are ranked very high in my google search 🤣 And let the truth be told that none of my team have any understanding of baking 😳 Let's emphasise this for you! NONE! 
99.99% of them had never eaten a pastry in their life before they started their journey at ilb. I plucked them off the boat as they hit our Aussie shores and introduced them to the buttery goodness 😉 Just kidding 🤣 
I found most of them using Gumtree because using a platform like Seek will make me feel even less qualified lol 🤣… I used my google self taught qualifications and passed them on to all my team members. Teaching them the difference between self raising and plain flour. And to now bake our pastries to perfection 🤩 I take full credits for this 😛 
So can I get a drum roll please….🤣
I still owe the success of i.lovebutter to the tireless hours of my family - they are my team who truly put in the effort to make sure we are open every day. The next thanks goes on to the humble followers and community who we are lucky enough to have increased their cholesterol 🤣🥰 Don't get me wrong. We get all sorts of people but…. “we don’t talk about bruno” 😳🤩🤣
One more quick thing - many people have asked this question “Are you the sole owner of ilb?” - The answer is YES, only because no one is silly enough to be my friend or even scarier be my business partner lol 🤣 But that is definitely okay - I like it that way! I like the ability to change my mind whenever I feel like it, and to come and go as the weather changes 🌪️
I have also heard some people refer to me as a LOOSE Canon! 🤣 
Did you know that it took an agent one week to return my call…that's unheard of 😳🤣 It's maybe because he knew it will be a daily occurrence that my mind would change 🤣 Finally, he hit me with a WTF clause - or in official terms, "marketing" - all for the price of 2000 croissants. I didn't realised I am that hard to sell for 🤣
The moral of the story is - no matter what you see us as, we are still the small town people that still can't spell your name right (exception of Tom - he is our new aussie member freshly plucked out of Redlands 😉).
Stay tuned for our next bite sized story 🥰