Life Before Covid: The Boom Is Over 🤯

It just goes to show that the saying is true - nothing lasts forever 😳
This week has been a time of reflecting, and thinking about how our little hole in the wall cafe has changed since the start of covid to now. The lockdown - even though a frustrating time - allowed us to have an opportunity to operate on STEROIDS 🥵 It delivered a rare opportunity to grow and capitalise on the increase in locals still needing their sugar and caffeine fix while working from home. Unfortunately this isn’t the same story for all cafe owners in the city.
Even though many of you felt stranded at home, we were pumping with adrenaline in order to keep up with your orders! It was a thrilling experience to work harder than ever before to keep up with the demand for consistency in baked goods and customer service - even keeping up with those who took the plunge, and brought a little piece of our kitchen into their own with our bake at home kits! 🥐 
Now that covid is over - the ball is no longer in our court 
Now that trading is back to what we used to call “normal”, the game is back on! This is a time where we will challenge ourselves and stay true to our simplicity. It is a time to be innovative in order to survive, that's why recently we have a fresh treat on the block -  kouign-Amann, pronounce "queen amahn" - this is something worth trying, as it is a flavour where I have stayed true to my tastebuds, but I'll let you all deliver the verdict 🤪
With slowing down, comes a moment to be grounded…
This week I have truly been able to take time to slow down and think - and yes, to those who doubt it I actually did! 🤣 This thought train brought to my attention that I am truly happy to hear of the cafes who struggled during covid are finally getting back to normal themselves - having their very own supportive community coming back through their doors again and allowing them to get their businesses back on track. 
With the joy of other businesses making a comeback. We will be focusing on the little things that matter to our little tribe in the Lower North Shore! Bringing our A game to the table! And definitely a few more NEW FLAVOURS. With that in mind we promised to stay true to our simple yet buttery goodness and possibly a few healthy options on the side 😜
There have been days where I remind myself to stay humble…
Everyday, I have found a moment to ground myself, to be humble and remind myself that nothing lasts forever. In saying that, in these times we find a perfect NEW opportunity which is to adapt, evolve and be Grateful for what we have had in the last 8 years of trading.
Until next fortnight, stay humble and give yourself a pat on the back for getting this far 😉🤭