The Beginning Of Our Pain Au Chocolat

I was never a Baker or a chef or a Barnstaple. The only experiences I had were waitressing and being a seamstress - I managed to mess that up too🤦🏽‍♀️ So when I took over the little hole in the wall back in 2015 it was the first time for everything. 1st time learning how to make coffee. 1st time accepting that this is it it or drown. But, I was lucky as I had the right attitude. The determination to make it work and the mighty strength I inherited from my mum has proven to not let me down.
One day, I decided to put my big girl pants on! I looked to gain my independence by seeking the necessary training from our usual supplier of croissants and pastry goods. This move to upskill was all because I didn’t want to compromise the quality of the beautiful recipe my ‘Uncle’ had created, and you all have enjoyed it so much! What this meant was to heavily and QUICKLY invest in buying his recipe and pastry bakery - the Paris Bakery in Marrickville.
This move was a huge risk - but I had to do it. It was either lose Nosh+ because someone wouldn’t respect the artwork or flavour that the Paris Bakery had crafted, or double down and invest in the recipe to keep my customers happy and the croissant alive! After having learnt the tricks of the trade, I knew there would always be room for improvement so I immersed myself into Paris - the food, the culture and the famous pastries they have! Fast forward 3 years and i.lovebutter has a queue of people down Spofforth St in order for people to get their pastry fix! 🥐
It has certainly been a journey of mistakes, and tweaking of ingredients in order to have the perfect balance of buttery goodness in our current pain au chocolat and croissants that you all know and love - even now being able to bake them in your own home! I would never trade my current life for what I used to have. From there to now, I have been able to attain a set of skills I could never have imagined to have - as well as a team that are just as dedicated as I to making the best pastries for you all to enjoy 🤩