WTF Happened To Nosh?! 😳

What happened to Nosh?!
Nosh was my home and family for 5 years. It was a place that had taught me how to start a business and how to build trust - most importantly how to maintain the momentum 💪 It forced me to dive deeper into google search on how to make pastries and coffee - even more so it taught me how to work and get along with people 🤣 I came from a place where survival is key and if it means I have to do it solo, I will! But Nosh changed all that. It forces me to accept my flaws and imperfections. Allowing me to express my weaknesses and in return I get to grow.
For the past 2 years I brushed this question aside…
I would bluntly reply - “it is just rebranding”. At heart, we are all still a Noshi 🥰 After all, Nosh deserves a big shout out! Nosh was already doing well. There was a line out the door every weekend for our homemade croissants & coffees - not to mention to see our beautiful faces 🤣 I decided to move on from Nosh for no other reason than that is what I wanted. Nosh has meant nothing more than a few pages of my life journey. I wanted it to be remembered - even though it was a short few pages. Aaaand it was a mighty few pages at that 😳🤣. 
It was a place that taught me almost everything there is to life. 
From Love through to heartache. From success to being torn between family or food first on the table. Nosh got to witness my lack of baking experience, then to see us baking some of the tastiest, simple foods - also known as delicious carbs and butter with a  SHIT LOAD of sugar! 🤩 It was a place where I didn’t know I still have the mighty physical ability to get up at 4am, work till 6pm, then rush home to play the role of mum until the kids went to bed at 9pm. THEN, for it all to rinse and repeat the following 7 days for 2 years straight! In the way that Nike says ‘Just Do It’ - I blindly fucking did it!
The next 3 years changed dramatically… 
The change in identity came because I wanted to leave Nosh as a powerful presence in the Lower North Shore - not only because there was a huge price tag I had paid in order to have and grow a business, but also the HUGE risk I took that jeopardised my personal life. I felt that this chapter had to end on a high note, and it was time for a somewhat of a fresh start - beginning with decking the corner of Spit Junction in pink!  
Don't let the pink building on the corner fool you 🤣 
It may give the perception that we are a lot bigger than what we are. The reality is, we will and always have been just a small hole in a wall cafe. I used to think the guy that had the corner of Spit Junction before i.lovebutter was a wanker - then I walked right into it, now I am a bigger wanker! Lol 🤣 (to tell you the truth, he certainly is not! They are actually some of the nicest people I have ever met! … Well, maybe not the nicest but nice enough 😉🤣).
Long story short - a lot of us will always cherish and be a true Noshi at heart. But we can’t deny it's time to evolve and become the authentic butter lovers that we are 🥰 Until next fortnight…