6 Ways to Devour i.lovebutter Croissants

We all have our own ways of enjoying the humble croissant. Whether that’s straight out of the paper bag while waiting for your morning, or toasted with the classic butter and jam combo! Here are some of our favourite ways to eat i.love Butter croissants for some inspo… the list is endless!

  1. On its own fresh out of the oven. Best eaten with fingers! Tear it up, smell the oozy butter and be in the moment. You will start to taste the layers of the hard labour and love that’s gone into producing each bite.
  2. Butter up baby! Tear up the croissant and butter up each bite with salted butter to enhance the flaky layers. Indulge yourself!!
  3. Dunk it! If you can dunk a biscuit in milk what’s stopping you from dunking your croissant in your espresso or your favourite hot drink?! Where extra butter adds a new luxurious creaminess, coffee offers an earthy, complimentary bitter contrast while intensifying the sweetness of the croissant. Try it out - You’ll be surprised how differently you see the croissant after this tip!
  4. Fill it up! Whatever comes to mind, just do it! Whether that’s filling up your pastry with spoonfuls of jam, nutella or the classic ham, cheese, tomato trio - Go crazy, go wild and stay creative!

  5. Keep it sweet! Cut the croissant in half vertically to resemble a cone, remove the inside of the croissant (careful not to rip into the outer skin!) and fill that baby up with your favourite ice cream or gelato - Messina who??!

  6. Pain au chocolat! Cut the croissant in half horizontally and spread in some Nutella for a decadent take on the Pain au chocolat. Or better yet, impress your guests and make your own dark chocolate ganache filling! Too rich? Try adding some fresh berries to cut through that luscious chocolate flavour.

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Photo by Uliana Kopanytsia on Unsplash

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